Chinese Cashmere


We source the finest dehaired Chinese cashmere from Alashan, Ningxia and Qinghai areas of China.

Our Chinese representative Mr Xin Lijun based in Huhhot, Inner Mongolia, inspects and samples every lot.

These bulk samples are then tested in the UK prior to approval and shipment.


AKV40W4WSuper Dehaired white for white Alashan
Cashmere 40mm 0.1% 14.8 micron
KV38W4WSuper Dehaired White Chinese Cashmere
38mm 0.1% 15.3 micron (White for white)
KV34-36Dehaired White Chinese Cashmere
34-36mm, 15.3 micron
KX36Super Dehaired Brown Chinese (Qinghai) Cashmere
34-36mm 0.3% 14.7 micron

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