Below is a Google Map for your convenience – you can also use this to get directions to Cashmere Fibres – please scroll down the bubble to the directions link.

There are some notes for using the directions service below the map – please read this if you are experiencing problems.

Instructions for Using Google Maps

You may notice, on occasion, that a dialogue box appears saying “the starting or ending address could not be found” if you input a start town – for instance – Bingley – this is because there may be more than one town of that name in the world!

To correct this – please look at the starting and ending points with the markers – and it will say – “did you mean Did you mean: Bingley, Bradford, UK” -simply click on this and the directions will then appear.

Bug in Google Maps regarding Bradford

At present Google Maps is picking up many places in Bradford as Queensbury – please ignore this as it is a problem with Google Maps themselves