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Our Afghan Adventure

As part of the Afghanistan Sustainable Agriculture Program – Cashmere Fibres International has been involved since 2008 visiting Afghanistan to help organise and co-ordinate their cashmere awareness program with the USAID.

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Our fibres are sourced from the finest suppliers in the world. We use suppliers in China & Mongolia.

We emphasise quality in the Cashmere we supply.

Our business has grown well over the years and have maintained contact with customers who have been with us since we set up.

Based in the heart of the U.K. textile trade in Bradford, West Yorkshire, the company was formed in May 1999, by co-directors David Mallin and David Lee. Both have over thirty year’s experience, knowledge and contacts within the speciality fibre industry.

We also keep our customers up to date with the latest industry news as researched by Mr David Lee. You can view these reports in our Market News and Market Reports Sections


Historical Market Reports

Market Report 29th May 2013

Today is my first day back in the office following 2 weeks travelling in China where things have become rather hectic and cashmere prices are increasing rapidly. CHINA According to supplier reports this year’s cashmere clip is down 25-35% on last year with high meat...

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Market Report January 2013

CASHMERE After a very strange 2012 where the market moved independently of demand and requirements for cashmere manufacturing, 2013 seems to be setting off in a similar way. During the Christmas and New Year holiday demand from Chinese manufacturers has increased...

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Market report – September 2012

CASHMERE Apologies for the absence of market reports during this year, but to be honest we had little to advise as we couldn’t work out what was going on. Prices fell during early spring with the arrival of the new clip and refreshed supplies.  Most origins dropped...

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CASHMERE CHINA / MONGOLIA Prices continue to increase since availability of the new clip to a point where even the Chinese manufacturers struggle to pass on replacement levels.  There has been little or no activity over the summer months but prices show no sign of...

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Market Report – March 2011

CASHMERE Prices have continued rising during the first quarter mainly as a result of domestic demand in China which has also overspilt to greasy markets in Mongolia, Afghanistan and Iran. CHINA Very little good quality material remaining from last season.  The new...

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Market Report – November 2010

CASHMERE CHINA Following the dramatic dip in greasy prices in 2008/9 many goats were slaughtered due to cost of winter fuel to comply with government grazing restrictions.  Combined with animal fatalities during 2009/10 severe winter, the 2010 clip is much lower than...

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